The Apprentice Decent Wage Pledge is part of the ‘Back the Future’ campaign which has been launched to encourage employers to pay apprentices in the UK a decent and fair salary over and above the national minimum wage.

Mercury Training Services Ltd has signed up to the Apprentice Decent Wage Pledge, in which we join over 50 other employers in. This pledge underscores our dedication to providing apprentices with a wage that goes beyond the national minimum and fosters a supportive environment for their professional growth.

  • Paying our apprentices a fair and decent wage
  • Encouraging other employers to participate in the campaign
  • Playing our part in addressing fair wages for apprentices


What is the ‘Back the Future’ Campaign?

The ‘Back the Future‘ campaign is a collective of employers, intermediaries and apprenticeship training providers who believe we should be backing the UK’s future talent pipeline by not paying apprentice minimum wages, but by providing decent and fair pay for all apprentices employed in the UK. We are committed to addressing social mobility issues by ensuring individuals are not put off applying for apprenticeships because pay is too low.

In 2021 Robert Watts, Chair of the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education’s research scientist trailblazer group, created the ‘Back the Future’ campaign to address fairness for all apprentices employed in the UK. Robert says “Employers of apprentices have a responsibility to be aware of the affects that their wage decisions have on the individuals undertaking their apprenticeships. The idea is to not only raise awareness around this issue but also to help those companies who perhaps cannot pay a higher wage now, work towards this wage or provide them with resources to help their Apprentices manage their smaller budgets and be aware of how to handle debt and costs.”



For more information on the Apprentice Decent Wage Pledge and ‘Back the Future‘ campaign, CLICK HERE.

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