There’s so many opportunities available within the security industry across Birmingham itself, and in the wider Birmingham area. What we’re looking for at the moment is people who’ve got the the oomph to want to join the sector.

There’s so many jobs available within security of the career path. What we’re looking for at the moment is people can join us now to work with us now, but also then can potentially work for us during the Commonwealth games as a leaf or a springboard into a further career within security industry.

We’re really looking for people. Who’ve got the know-how when it comes to working with people, being customer focused, it’s all about customer service.

It’s all about understanding people, the dynamics of people and giving everybody that greater aspect of wanting to work within the security industry, but giving something back to the local community as well.

We’ve got vacancies at the moment for all kinds of security. So there are opportunities for people to work in the event sector, the stewarding sector, the, we call it door supervision, but that’s also what we called concierge security, which is the office top complex, which, which all go hand in hand across the area.

There’s currently around about 800 vacancies as we stand today in the Birmingham area for some really good employers, then we’ll look at the Commonwealth games.

What we find is employers like us. We recognize the fact that we’re looking for flexibility. There are shifts which can go for 12 hour shifts, days, nights or weekends.

But having said that the flexibility now is really good in the Birmingham and black country areas for people to just maybe to work a few hours here or there.

So what you tend to find is most employers. Now we’ve got an app that you can look at on your phone, and it’ll tell you when all the shifts are over the next month or so you’ll literally pick the slot that’s right for you
And then you go, you booked in, it could be a couple of hours, could be six hours, could be 12 hours.

It’s really flexible, but it’s really good for anyone who’s on universal credit because it fits everything that you need to do fixing around your family lifestyle, but also gives you that, uh, introduction to the security industry, then when things settle down for you, you can then maybe look for full-time work later on.

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